Hump Day

I have never worked a traditional job, Monday though Friday , 9-5 . So in my case l can’t really consider Wednsday officially hump day. It is the first day of my work week so I say it is my Monday. Why am I sharing this little bit of meaningless trivia?  I was just pondering  the idea of how simple and relaxed things used to be and now well you judge for yourself.

Consider this. Built into the human psyche is a biological clock. It ticks of the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months,and years of our life time. A continuous cycle of years makes a life time. Being the mythotical creature that we are it was only natural that we were placed in an environment that parallels our life cycle. The day began at sunrise . Following the sun across the sky, setting in the west, makes for a full day.

Naturally one would wake up with sun rise, a big breakfast, and out to  work  till the noonday sun. Break for lunch and back out till around dusk. Then back in for the night with dinner, rest, and sleep.  That pretty much filled the day. But as time went on population grew. Groups gathered into cities. The needs also grew. And with the invention of artificial light it became easier to navigate in the dark hours. Hospitals had to operate 24/7 and it took people to be present. Now people were up and about at all hours of the night and day. Business took that as an opportunity to cash in staying open later and later. Thus the 24 hour dinner was born. Grocery extended their hours. Circle K , 7/11, and others also came into being. Place like Las Vegas came into being as the need grew for a place to relax,vacation, and enjoy some leisure time.

Well that pretty much sums it up. We have evolved from a simple relax and stress free live  to a nonstop intense stressful existance . Becoming more and more crowded. More and more stressful. And more and more complex.  And we call that progress….nick