Presidential Election Year

I have been watching at a distance. And to put it bluntly IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN  DO???  Seriously, to the best  of my understanding  we are in the process of electing the leader of our country. A person we have chosen… Can I repeat myself? A person , we the people have chosen. Chosen for what? Chosen to represent the U.S.A. This person is a visible  representation of WHAT we are, WHO we are, WHAT we believe and stand for…. I am not expecting a perfect human. That is impossible as no one is perfect well except in their own eyes.

It is a position of importance. If I might add not a easy role to play. Many qualities come into play here.  Strength, endurance, temperance , diplomacy, wisdom, and a overwhelming desire to protect we the people and our unalienable rights  for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

I can’t be more clear the position demands enormous responsibility. We are in some very troubling times. A place we have never been to this degree. The world is changing at a rapidly growing rate. Where do we fit in this new world? We can’t be presumptuous to think we will remain the same. Hello we need to wake up. Take off those ego glasses we have been viewing ourselves and the world with and take a good look.  I am sorry I can’t tell you what to see or how to act and react.

The responsibility doesn’t end with the one person. The position of president is not the role of scapegoat. I hear it over and over again, and not just with this administration, blame is placed on that one person… Let me ask you this. Who put them in that position?We have by our vote or allowed it by choosing not to vote. Case in point we need to be accountable for our actions.

I stand corrected. This link should explain it better than I can.  Electoral College

That complicates it a bit for me. We elect  delegates and they go and elect the president and vice. Popular vote does not a president elect. So we got that straight now?  This bit of new information. I really need to digest. Reading the article ….. Let’s just say before I was miss informed. I want to research a little more and maybe share in my next post. I am not really off topic. It is just too much for one post. So I’ll be back.nick