What’s my Thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed when I try to take it all in. War in any way, shape, or form is troubling to me. I can’t say I remember a time  were we have not been at war. Korea, Vietnam, and now the middle east. And let us not forget  the many years of the Cold War. You would think that I would be accustom to it by now. I am sorry I can not accept the warring mind set.

War is no solution for our human conflicts. One war leads to another and yet another. Hasn’t history proven this to be true. Unchecked were will it all end? Human extinction. Cut and dry.

I can only speak for myself. It is going to take all of us to secure a permanent peace. It seems pretty much impossible to bring this about. Is it what we want?  Are we able to change our minds. Wage peace and not war…. Wage Peace and not war… Wage Peace