My Take on President Obama

I have felt for some time now to share some of my thoughts  in regards  to President Obama.  Since day one there has been nothing  but bad rap,  and negative statements based on half truths.  So if you are expecting to hear  the same you might as well turn the page now.

What is my take on President Obama? Mr. Obama is a mere man, a mortal. And like all humans has his good and bad traits. Capable of making right and wrong decisions. And with that said  I think President Obama  has done as good of a job as any SINGLE person can do. Let us not forget the state of the country when he took office.

Now I wasn’t real sure so I did a little research. It seems our government is  set up with  three governing bodies  for the purpose of checks and balance. And in theory it can be a good working model. The point I would like to make clear here is this. The President is not operating independently, but there are another five hundred plus individuals responsible  for running the government.

What is that saying ” the one complaining the loudest has the most to hide.”  One thing is for certain as long as we continue with this bickering, name calling,finger pointing we are doomed to failure.We must be held accountable for our actions.

Do we need to be reminded our current president was elected by , we the people. Not just for one term, but two. And may I add  we the people have also elected our congressman . Many of them for several terms. creating a dynasty We vote and we think we are done? We have  done our civil duty. Then we piss and moan about unhappy we are with his/her performance

IN closing  President Obama has done his job to the best of his ability with the resources at his disposal. If you are looking for superman you need to look in the funny papers because there is no such thing in the real world.

4 thoughts on “My Take on President Obama

    1. Point one. Helping Islamism. This confuses me. If we believe in the separation of church and state then we shouldn’t concern ourselves with personal beliefs. Point two skyrocketing debt. I don’t think it’s fair to fix the blame totally on one individual. War is N expensive pastime. What did the war in Iraq cost the taxpayers. What did Wall Street cost the taxpayers. The bail out money didn’t come off a money tree . We , the tax payers. You know the ones that lost our jobs pensions and homes. While the executives got bonuses and went on holiday. No there are a lot of money grabbers. As far as race relations. We are no further along than we were before the civil war.

      1. He has helped Islamism throughout his foreign policy. It’s no wonder his middle name is Hussein. Visit my blog in a few days for more on his disastrous presidency, if you want the hard truth. But best wishes in whatever direction you head in

      2. I thank you for the invite and your comments. I don’t expect us to always agree , but it is good to keep an open mind and dialogue is important. One thing that is heavy only mind. We need to be careful and not condemn a whole group of people for the actions of a few . NOT ALL of Islam is ISIS. Thanks again I will drop by soon

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