How to Write Books

I just started reading a book that has been on my book shelf  for some time now. The theme is writing. The emphasis is on how to. I am not including the title here because I am not critiquing, rating criticizing ,this book or any other book with like theme. Wow! That was a lot of words to explain a point . I hope you got it.

There are many great writers help books out there. And living testimony of ones that credit their success to one book or another or more.  So I figured if it worked for them maybe it will work for me.  I am enjoying the read. The writer has a way with words. He captivates my attention. His crafted style and his own voice  presented on every page. You may ask that is a good thing . A perfect fit. What could possibly be wrong? 

It is  in my head  I guess. I can be reading along and there at the end is the little exercise there to make real what you have just read. My brain goes scrambled.  It happens every time. I  start thinking (that where the problem begins)  maybe I didn’t get it , maybe I can’t write right, maybe this maybe that. It slows me down til I stop.

My conclusion is this my brain is wired different, not wrong  different. I can not  let those writing tips pass me by just because I can’t fit into a regimented 1,2,3  process. If you can  go with it. Maybe it is my stubbornness  may I go 3,2,1 or 2,3,1 or none. But if it works for me and I can use the important tips.and  my writing  improves then I have achieved what I wanted to.  It might  have taken a little longer. I may have stumbled a time or  two. Maybe even fallen a time or two..  But isn’t that life’s lessons.  And my writing  and my life become one and  the same. 

I have alway kept a journal,  alway writing one thing or another . Not to recently  did I realize  to take my writing to the next level I must allow my writing and my life to become one.. Wow, if you don’t  think that is a big order!  I am one  of the most private persons ever.  So private there are areas of my life even hidden from me . Sound odd to you. Well it’s true . And the more I dig the more I find. The more I find the more I dig.. The every day boring stuff is not real helpful.  The concept of honest soul searching is were most people are at in their quest to find themselves, purpose, and the meaning of life.  It’s a tall order.  Sometimes it can look pretty ugly inside. Don’t deny it ts in you and me to. There are none of us perfect , but none of us are a loss.

I would rather be myself than to have to put on a mask whenever I went out play. I would rather be real then live a lie.. I would rather be me than what everyone expects me to be.nick