What do I do when a small irritation grows?What do

What do I do when a small issue grows to a point where it can no longer be ignored? Let me explain. I can relate to needing a job. It is the way of the world. Everyone needs yo make a living. With that said  I can respect the hard working telemarketer. On the same token I expect them to respect my privacy.

Lately I have got a abundance of solicitors. A single call can be dealt with. But when they call over and over again. All times day and night. I can block the number and they just call from a different number. After the second or third time telling them I am not interested they wonder why I loss my temper. while I’m writing this I have gotten to calls.

It is getting to be too much. I go to the mail box. It may appear full, but once I get rid of all the bull shit I have one letter or one mag. My email out of control. And then the telemarketers. As a consumer I think we should have more control. What about our rights? Is there anybody out there with a solution? Or part of a solution? I’d love to hear from you.nick