Current Affairs

I am finding my attention more and more  focused on the up coming political election. In the process  I have discovered more  about our system  of election. Were I was thinking I was all knowing, instead I lacked full understanding.

At the heart of  our election system is the Electoral College. And is the  source of my concerns. The president is not elected by the majority of the popular vote , but votes are cast to elect delegates to in turn vote to elect the president?  This confuses me a   bit. Is my single vote worth anything? It has also debunked another point we were taught in school. I was taught the reason for the Electoral College was that travel and communication were so slow back in the day that it was more efficient to elect delegates. In reality  it was a congressional duty. Basically creating another entity . That’s were the money goes.

It seems to me the electing of  the president, the number one person in the land, that each vote should count. Each person having a say. 

See the way it looks to me is those are not beholding to we the people, but a group of delegates,special interest, lobbyists, and big money. And to me I  don’t see ANYTHING right about that.

So what is your take on it?  Write and let me know.