Reinventing myself; my personnal evolution.

I have survived to this point in time, not because I am real strong, real smart, or real good at everything. No, I have survived because as life demands change to move on, I have learned to reinvent myself to meet the  demands of the time.  That doesn’t mean Ive always been a willing participant.I guess you could say I have a tendency to be set in my way. If it is working don’t fix it.

It is not until I am convinced it is for my better interest do I finally give in. I know if I would welcome change as a friend  instead of an enemy I would  save myself so much grief. And guess what time and getting older doesn’t make it easier. In fact it works to the opposite. I have become more stubborn and more set in my ways and no wiser. Making those same mistakes over and over again. What can I say.

Some of you might be asking themselves. What the hell is he talking about now?  The thing is we have all gone through the process of reinventing yourself Many times for that matter. You may not use the same choice of words, but the process is the same. From the moment we come out of the womb we begin to grow, to learn, to evolve. And with very change in the world outside there is a change in the world inside.

It’s only natural if one wants to survive. Time waits for nobody. Now don’t  get m wrong . I am not always a Illini advocate  for change. In fact I can be quite stubborn. Ut when  I do . What a difference!