Here in lies the irony, when I was a small boy time seemed to move so slowly. I looked at my adult world around me and I couldn’t wait to grow up. Time was moving way too slow. All those things I wanted to experience I was unable to. I would hear you can’t do that or you can’t go there or you’re too young…

Eighteen was thar magic number. Nothing can stop me now. Boy did I get a surprise! All that freedom was short lived as I began to realize the responsibilities that came with it. Rent and other bills took most of my paycheck. Leaving little to none play money. I was beginning to understand what my folks had try and teach me all those years.

The truth of the matter those teenage years were more awkward than adolescence. To old to be a kid and not old enough to be an adult. No one wanted to hire a kid with no experience. And there were still places you couldn’t get into. Stuck in the middle. I couldn’t go back and moving forward was an up hill climb. Like I said not at all what i expected it to be.

I wish I could say I learned all my lessons early in life. Making my journey an easy cruise. Quite the contrary. I walk, I stumble, I fall, and get back up again. I’ve lost my way and found it again. Walked to the top of the highest mountain and walked down into the lowest valley.

Well, here I am a little fit for wear just a week away to my birthday…. Entering in to my sixty third year. Where did all the time go. While I was going through it it seemed like an eternity, but now looking back it seems like yesterday…. If I can close with this sing!e thought. At the end of the day when everything fades away. One thing remains standing …. Faith in God…nick