May 4, 2016 5:26am

May 4, 2016. at 5:26am.For me it is a landmark moment. At 5:26 am eastern standard time. On this forth day in May my 63 year begins. Nine is the number.
Also my age is. 63 reduce to a single digit 9.

Both these combo nine vibrations are talking volumes. As I read in my book about numerology; it mirrors what I am presently going through . Pretty awesome! There are so many tools at our disposal to aid us in our journey… Let me be clear these tool that I am making reference to is not the focus; for my worship and praise, but to the creator and protector of all things. Guiding my steps as I make my way Homeward.

I really feel refreshed like I have had a week end in the mountains breathing in nature. I have a feeling i will need it. I do really feel good. Enjoying my day. Thanking God for the life!!nick