Pay Attention…

Pay attention for real.  I  am  a little sketchy on details,  but I  can not get beyond  this feeling..?  This gut feeling  that something  major  is going to happen!  And very soon! Can I be more specific you ask? I wish I could . i wonder IF I could give you a detailed account of what  is happening  would you believe  me?  And  pay attention…. Is there time? Or have we run  out  of time? Too  late to stop this run away  train heading for disaster?

Conspiracy?   I know I have a vivid imagination.   I am only pointing you  to a single event …Presidential Election 2016. That is not conspiracy.  Trump GOP presumed pick for President. That is but a tip of the iceberg. So much warring going on in the Middle East. Not conspiracy… You tell me who is playing with nukes?  North Korea , Iran? Oh ya we have deals with them… No worries….

Can  we continue to look the other way? Bury our heads in the sand? Depend on others we elect to take care of it for us?  You know those chosen ones who can’ t  seem to balance the books, watch dog the banks,and for what ever reason helped destroy our credit rating . And let us not forget who was responsible for the government shutting down. Need I go on? How about this?  Sitting behind a desk in safety as they send our young men and women to unsafe places all over the world to kill or be killed.

It’ not like that at all. It’ s patriotic Americans serving  their country keeping us safe from terrorism. I can agree with the point  that these terrorist exist.  And yes they hate us. BUT this is not the real reason we are there. Why then you ask?  Number one reason  to protect our own interests.  And there is lots on money to be made. It all about oil and money.  This is really nothing new war has always been a money game.

We have a choice accept everything we are told. That’s easy  just sit there with the TV blasting  and accept it all. Or ask question , ask why ,wake up, pay attention. PAY ATTENTION. It is amazing what you will see.  Should we vote? That will be the theme of my next post .i want to research the Electoral College so I don’t come across like a dummy.