What is the value of my vote?

What is the value of my vote? This is the question I ask myself as I watch how the political process plays out. A bit confused I thought I needed to educate myself on the process commonly known as the electoral college. It seems that the popular vote does not directly elect a president. So why then you ask do I need to vote? The reason we vote is to elect what they call electors. Now these electors go to the convention and cast a vote which elects a president.

These electors represent we the people. The number of electors are in relation to population. Each state is allotted two electors for their two Senators and more electors to match each of the House of Representatives. They usually vote in accordance to the population they represent, they are not obligated to do so. Free to vote as they choose.

I get it it is not easy to coordinate the election system. The Electoral College has served us from the beginning. For the most part its methodology has gone unquestioned. I have a few concerns. Most lay people myself included don’t understand all the rules.

It seems that there are ways to simplify things. Okay lets begin with my vote. It is added to the others to be totalled . This total called the popular vote is the will of the majority of the people. You would think that is as far as we need to go. No, there are other step in the process. There are the electors as part of the equation. Now why do we need these people to speak for me. My vote becomes diluted as more obstacle come between my vote and the elected figure. Too many people and too much money equalling too many opportunities to manipulate things. And we just sit back like dumb sheep and accept it because it is part of the process.

Seems if we eliminated all that stuff it could save time and money. But then again the American people would be deprived of months and months of entertainment as they maintain the illusion of political correctness.

Simple We the People vote and the majority vote elects the official. Period … Simple, cheaper, and less opportunity for corrupt practice… Doesn’t that make sense? Or am I missing something in the process that constitutes it continued practice. I am open for conversation.

The candidates focus is not on we the people, but on raising the most money and gathering electorial votes. We the People get pushed aside. That’s how I feel and I don’t feel I am all alone in this. We need to feel we are a part of it , not an outsider… nick