I cant get beyond the politics.

I cant get beyond the politics. Reality is setting in as both parties prepare  for a final round.  Both hoping that  they will  have the winning candidate. I got the feeling it will be one hell of a battle. I don’t feel comfortable with any of the contenders at this point.

What would the presidential race be without a side show. It appears that the GOP has run out of players. Mr. Trump has managed to walk off with the majority of the votes. Making him the presumptive candidate for the Republican party.

It seems that for the sake of unifying the party etc, blaa blaa blaa, that party members, esp members  in key positions, endorse the presumptive. It appears there is a gentleman by the name of Paul Ryan that has a mind of his own. Choosing not to endorse Mr Trump at this point.

We speak of freedom to speak our mind , to believe what we believe yet this is not what I am seeing here. What is playing out here is a deception. Manipulating another person to think, act and say what they don’tbelieve. I have to commend the man for having the courage to stand up for what he believes in. I hope he has the strength to see it through.

Trust in politicians is at an all time low .Motive for self gain weighs heavy in their decision making.I can not rule out Ryan Paul’s decision isn’t the same. But as I think all he appears to gain is well needed self respect. On the other hand other playing the game, lying and endorsing said candidate motive appears clear. Money, greed and power are what rule here. Sad reality….

Why do I feel the more I watch or pay attention to politics, it starts looking and sounding like a bad rerun..I watch over and over as things continue to spiral downward. Wow that sounds pretty negative. I really try to be understanding. It ‘s not easy running a government. Well to run it right any way.

So what do I mean about running the government right. Being fair and just. Equality for all. Yes I did saywell over all. Adhering to the guideline of the constitution, instead of hedging around it to gain power and money. Each voice must be heard , not just the voice of a few.

I know I have to be realistic. We are nowhere near that etopian government as we have had well over two hundred years to mutate into what we are today. The road to correctness will not be an easy one, but necessary for us to survive as a nation in the twenty first century.

I remember hearing a saying … We are a paycheck away from being homeless. When I first heard these words I thought to myself there is no way in hell this could happen to me. I have a desent job for a number of years. I am not rich rich but I have enough to take care of all my needs.

Then one day the unexpected happened. I didn’ t even see it coming . It started as the place of business that I had invested eleven years of my life closed its doors. This started a land slide. When the dust finally c!eared I was riding around on my ten speed with everything I had left in the world on my back or in bags on my handlebars. I remember like it was yesterday middle of January . Dead off winter. Freezing my ass off. If it hadn’ t been for my mom and a few close friends I might still be out there.

I am not sharing so you would feel sorry for me or take pity, but that you realize how easy it can happen. It happened on a grander scale…what was it eight or nine years ago when the banks, realestate, and car companys needed the bail out.many many people lost their homes. There are still many trying to recover.

With this said I think we need to look a little deeper. The world we live is growing smaller and we are growing more dependent on one another. You have heard the term global econamy? I don’ know if we truly realize how dependent we really are.

If we look at the grander scale. Consider Greece for a moment. Old civilization. Stable government. The least expected to go into default…But they are. And yes it is just that easy. It can happen to any of us just like that.nick