Resentment is a plague or a cancer that infects the soul Highly contagious. Nothing good comes from holding a grudge. There are no winners … I am not here to say I’ve  never had a  painful moment. That would be untrue .Life is no respecter of person  What I mean by that is when it comes to dishing out pain we all get our fair share. Sometimes more than our share.

With that being said I must confess I haven’t always reacted to my pain in a positive way Another words  on occasion I find myself yielding to resentment. You know holding that grudge.And the only way you are going to feel better is to get even..Feeling better at some one else’s expense.Then to wake up to the reality of what I had just done and feeling a hundred times worse than when I was keeping all those negative thoughts to myself.

That’s when that  old light bulb goes off in my head. My moment of enlightenment  I realize the only way to get rid of resentment is to simply let it go, because as long as I hold on to it it is obligated to stay.I keep it inside it will destroy me.If I act on it and let it out I crush  who ever it falls on.Resentment is retroactive it gets it’s power from me. My action gives it power.If I don’t react just let it go it has no power in it self and it has to go.  Very cool!nick