Memorial Day 2016I

I woke up this morning and took a deep breath… I lay there for a moment thinking… Thinking  how great it is to be alive. Living in a country… I must be honest. I mean no disrespect.Hear me out as I explain my thoughts.I am oh so glad to be living in a country not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but is one of the safe havens on the planet. Life , freedom,and peace still rule.

I am reminded of the cost of freedom. Humans have alway dealt with conflict through a means we have commonly come to know as  war. You know that is where you pick your young men and women, 18 and older. Outfit them with uniform and gun. And set them down in a hostile place were they learn to kill or be killed.

So with being said, it is these men and women we set aside this special day to honor these young men and women (older ones too) who gave their lives. And a special prayer to the families left behind. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,aunts and uncles, cousins,nephews and nieces,wives and husbands, and children. And I should add all their friends…They all feel the loss more than we can imagine.

If I might leave you with this closing thought. War is not a video game.. It’s real people killing and real people dying. Modern war  boasts of making war safer. So now we have drones.The soldier sits in the safety of their bunker. Starring at a computer screen  with their hands on the controls, they are able to direct the drone to do their killing for them.War is not a mean to the end.One war just leads to an other and yet another…That warring mind set does not work.It does not work.It doesn’t solve the problem It only masks it. History proves it if we would just see.nick