What the….?

I almost forget myself and came out cussing .I will; try to maintain… I don’t know if i am feeling anger, sad, disappointed definitely not glad, not happy?? Seriously , checking my news feed. Why you ask? Well how can i put this? I don’ t want to be totally ignorant, but for the life of me I don’t know why…I think i was a lot mellower in my younger years. I just ignored the stupidity. And go out partying instead.

I have come to realize …It is gotten worse . I know its hard to believe it could get worse. It has…it is… and guess what? WE THE PEOPLE are responsible. I can hear ya now. Before you tune me out hear me out. Who’s vote created the persona that we have lovingly come to know as the Trump. Giving him the free ticket to insult who he chooses to , spewing his bigotry, prejudice, and separating us even more than what we were. He is not even in the White House yet and he has insulted world leaders . No worry they are only our allies. What do we need them for anyway? We are so great we can stand alone . Just ask the Trump he well tell you how great he is… i mean how great we are.

NOW guess what we have to live with it. WAIT before you judge my words. WAIT ,WATCH ,and SEE.