2016 Election chapter 2

The primaries are now coming  to a close. Turning the page, we catch a glimpse of convention were the presumptuous is become the actual candidate. The Republican convention appears to be going along uncontested. That doesn’t mean it is smooth sailing. It seems the Trump in his outspoken persona has managed to be an embarrassment to the party with his racist rhetoric. Who would figure?

Insulting a federal judge in respect to his heritage effects his judgment and overall performance. I checked on the said judge. He was born in Indiana, a long way from the Mexican border. it seems his great grandfather can to the U.S. back in the 1800. That would make him third generation born in the states. How much more American does one need to be?

That is a curious question for me. My family tree shows my grandfather coming to the states in the early 1900s. That would put me at second generation status. Does this make me less American? I ask you do we ALL need to go back to the place of our heritage. Correct me if i am wrong but if we all went to the home of our ancestors the ONLY ones left would be the Native American. You know the locals that the white man took their lands and stuck them on reservation. And guess what? Even the Trump would find himself on a slow boat to Scotland. Image that?!😁.