Evolution I am speaking in the literal sense meaning change. Not limited to the Theory of  Evolution which may be cause for discussion in another post later. Change is inevitable as is the passing of time.

History gives us a running account of the  journey as we evolve. Although in all honesty there are many  untruths or half truths in the story telling. There are a few reasons this was allowed to happen. Previous to the written word, book s, periodicals, newspapers ,and the like , stories were passed on by word of mouth. Leaving much to the discretion of the teller.

Another likely possibility is the rich and powerful rewriting certain pages in history to further their own agenda. Sadly many of the original manuscripts were burned or lost  or stolen. Archaeologist continue to search for the clues and have been successful  in finding evidence to past civilizations. Filling in the missing links, while proving already established stories.

So what does this all mean  to me?  What does it mean to you? Life is change.It is the natural order of things. Look around the world is breathing in. The world is breathing out. With each breath comes change.Change is life. Life is change.

I get it .If we want to survive we must evolve, change.Yes it is true technology has evolved. We have in our grasp  every opportunity to do good.To have a positive impact on the planet,  cure disease, save lives,clean up the environment,feed the hungry. Instead we embrace a warring mentality.

We pick sides and play that ancient art of war. Building new and improved weaponry. Bigger, more powerful, more destructive, a never ending race to be the winner. Human life has been reduced to a blip on a monitor as drones armed with warheads are sent out to seek and destroy…’

We are lucky to be living now. With the computer as a tool our quest for knowledge  is endless.  And we have the resurces to create things for the good of the planet.  The choice is ours . Do we want to preserve the life . Or do we wznt to destroy it?nick