There is no escaping…

There is no escaping it. Everywhere  people are talking about it. It all over the news and growing in intensity .  I am not clear on all the speaking  points . So if I appear a bit vague in my presentation then it because I need to do my homework . This is an election year as I am sure everyone is well aware.  TV  coverage as usual is over the top. It’s like if you hear one more comment about politics that you will explode.

Interesting to see were it will all end up when the smoke clears. I hope the issues of Hillary’s FBI investigation and the issues with vote tampering are addressed.. I don’t understand how we can turn our heads claiming not to see. If there is not closure with these issues  I don’t see this as  being good.

This has got to be the worst display of a presidential election ever. And this business with the votes. Maybe that is how they have always conducted business, but never blatant in our face. I know I’ m repeating myself but I don” t see us continuing business as usual if these accusation aren’t’ put to rest. How can we sit back and watch our vote being stolen from us.