America Asleep

America Asleep ? What am I saying here? I know the word America by definition pertains to a geographic location. I would like to expand this thought and think of America as it’s inhabitants. Without WE THE PEOPLE America is just expensive real estate. Asleep carries with it a feeling of apathy, indifference, or a dreamy state as being sedated.

I have some questions for you to ponder. And if you have any thoughts, opinions, comments, gripes, rants, or anything else that takes you a step forward beyond the like button feel free to speak out with your words.  I thank you in advance.

How many of you realize we are in a presidential election  year?  How many of you gives a shit one way or another? Who can name the two presumed candidates?  Kind of simple so far, but stick with me. I hope to be a bit more challenging as we go forward. We might be surprised how many drop off after the first few questions.

What do they have to say about issues that concern us regular people? You know those statements made in speeches “ When I am elected President  on my first day in office I will bla, bla, bla, bla.” Is it political rhetoric more commonly known as bull shit  or are they spot on honest and sincere as to what they are saying? I hope I haven’t lost anyone yet, because my next set of questions should be , well read on and see.

What happened to the criminal investigation and indictment of Hillary Clinton  pertaining to her use of a private server while she was Secretary of State?  What is the Clinton Foundation?  Where is all that money coming from and where is it all going? WhiteWater scandal does it sound familiar?

Whatever became of the lawsuits waged against the democratic party? Something to do with vote tampering in the California Democratic primary as well as a few other states. What do you think? Did the Democratic Party fix the votes in Hillary’s favor. If so they need to change their name because that sure isn’t democratic.

What happened to Bernie Sanders? Is he for real or just part of the show?

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to say anything about Donald Trump.I have too much to say here. I want to make a long story short. What are your thoughts on Trump’s wall, ban on Muslims, and his ties to the KKK?   Here is my last curious question. Is Donald Trump paying himself to run for president? There is documentation that the campaign money is filtering back to him through Trump owned business. Right or wrong  ethically what do you think?