Friday,July 22,2016

I woke up this morning eager to write.  I know. I know I’ve been preoccupied with current affairs.  Focusing predominantly on this presidential election. I know it can get a bit mundane. Actually  down right boring.. i have lived through a lot of presidential elections and one presidential assassination, but there is something  here  that is quite troubling.  Where does one begin?  It starts at the top. The two ..key players  aren’t right. On the one side there is Hillary Clinton with a history  of numerous illegal scandals. It’s hard to believe she isn’t behind bars. Makes you wonder who does she know?

On the other side you have Donald Trump. Where do I start  with him? Bigot, racist, if not a lier he stretches the truth to suit his own agenda. Creating his own reality..  He lacks diplomacy. Just because he is the Donald  he can say what he wants to whoever  he wants and they have to deal with it  because he is the Donald. But if someone else was to criticise him , especially the press, he has a fit like a spoiled little kid. Tell me you haven’t seen that boo face a few times this past year.

So, who will I vote for come November?  To be quite honest I cannot  with a clear conscience vote for either. I know I am just one vote. For me it is a very special privilege as an American. The person or persons I vote for I am making a statement. I am endorsing that person.I am saying I know your reputation and it’s okay with me. I am saying when I listen to you speak about people or to people in a belittling fashion in total disrespect and that’s okay by me.