Business as Usual?

Business as usual, I don’t see how it can be in the realm of thought. The transparency of the 2016 presidential election has brought into focus, for me anyway, just how our two major political parties conduct business.  It is no wonder government is in the state of affairs it is in.

To recap what has happened thus far in the Republican party. In the primary election Donald Trump received the majority of the electoral vote defeating several opponents. Trump good or bad? I choose not to discuss in this post.Focusing on the Republican party with their actions and reactions is what this post is about

It appears to be a bit of a surprise that Mr Trump defeated several of the party’s best. Now the reaction of the party is rather curious. Instead of embracing him as a fellow Republican with the majority vote of the people, some chose to reject him completely. They boycotted the convention all together .  We are free to choose who to follow. I’m sure they had their reasons. They represented themselves to reject the  candidate.

Now here is where the it gets a bit mirky. What happens ? There was an attempt to override the people’s choice by changing the party rule. Making it so the delegates could vote as they please instead of the pledge they had to honor the voters.  Another words if they had found a way to change the rule they would have disregarded the voters and  voted  against the people’s choice . Pretty ballzy for any organization claiming to hold free elections. I don’t know about you all, but as for myself I value my right to vote.. It is not just some marks on a piece of toilet paper. Once used it is flushed down the toilet.

On the other side of the aisle they haven’t exactly been church mice. It seems the democratic party in order to  guarantee  Hillary’s nomination engaged in some fraudulent acts to eliminate Bernie Sanders  as a candidate. .It was brought up as it was happening . And it kind of blew over with no action taken. I think there were a few lawsuits pending against the democratic party. I think they thought it was done. Then these emails turned up. Yes more emails. Curious how  the public are into email overload. They hear the word email and they turn it off.  Just another political trick from Trump. I think they can get away with anything as they don’t even bother to hide their behavior.

In light of all the shady business we can’t continue to ignore it. Change is inevitable. If we are content with the way things are. We are scarier than the ones  we are choosing to be our leaders.  Our system is broken. Big money controls. They are concerned more so with special interests  than the needs of the people. They just don’t get it America’s greatest resource is it’s people. Without its people there be would be no democratic party. No republican party. There would be no money to get their greedy hands on. No business, no industry nothing. Just a lot of worthless real estate.I don’t see anyone in the one percent that can step up and actually work for that money they want to have all of.

Business as usual. There is no way that is happening. The cat is out of the bag. Pandora’s box has been opened and can never be closed.nick