At times, it is hard to keep up. Just when I get used to the way things are, they change on me. Changing outward, inward, or both at the same time is  my expected norm.

All of nature experience  change in one form or another. All depending on the needs to evolve. Change is the essence of evolution. The whole person , spirit, soul, body is subjected to change.

I do realize the importance to stay current. It get a little overwhelming at times. At times it is laziness or stubbornness that would slow down  progress. Getting set in my ways. I am notorious for that. Maybe I have this need to rant. It would be good to channel it in more of a positive direction.

If I may update. When I started this post a day or two ago transportation was a challenge. Bus and bicycle was my mode of travel as my scooter was broke down and in the shop. Well today after two weeks of not having the scooter I went and get it out of the shop. I am so stoked!  Yes life is good again!

Life is that continuous  cycle of highs and lows and everything in between. Enjoy the high. Tolerate the low. And live through the in between.