No Place To Run, No Place To Hide (An excerpt from a short story by the same name)

I  will never forget the day. Not one shot was fired, not one life was lost. We were all busy looking sky ward that we didn’t notice that the real plan had been going on around us  for years, decades..

It seems while we sat smugly in our homes . Feeling safe. After all we were the super power . We had all the latest technology, the biggest bombs and state of the art surveillance. There was no way any one could touch us.

The process was gradual, tactical and methodical. They infiltrated the neighborhoods in all the key cities. Buying up all the land they could get their hands on. Opening up small businesses. Blending in to the community.  More and more big business and major industry were selling out to foreign investors. And no one seemed to be connecting  the dots until it was too late.

Next government  on all levels, local,state, and federal was infiltrated. This included law enforcement. Local police, state, national guard, and finally the military. Waiting for that day when all the players are in place…