Is there reason for concern?

It seems this was a busy week end on the east coast. Someone or ones placed homemade bombs in a few different places in New York City and another on the Jersey side. One man was captured after a shoot out. This is all I know so far. I need to dig a little deeper before I say anything more on the particular incident.

Is there reason for concern? It is not often you hear of bombs detonating in largely populated cities like New York. Too soon to tell the who and why. What is clear is they intended to hurt and/or kill people they didn’t know.  And not just a few , but as many as they cou!d…

Is there reason for concern?  I say yes. I would say if one life is threatened there is reason for concern. Now my concern is two fold. Who and why is this happening. And secondly we can not react on emotion or speculation. And there was that Muslim word mentioned. We can not allow it to become a witch hunt .I realize how hard this can be. In my lifetime threats haven’t been this close to home. Since 9/11 it appears they have discovered our achilles heal.

Our technology is second to none. We sport a powerful arsenal. We are lax with home security..  I want to be CLEAR here. I am not against immigration. We are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather immigrated here from Greece. It was a different world then. We need to improve our methods of entry. And key slow down. Don’t bring in more than we can manage. Safety first.

Like it or not this is our world. To stay safe we must be diligent, awake, and watching. This one is not going away folks. We can’t ignore it.

Where do we go from here?nick