Where were you the day the $ died?

I have come to realize paper money  is just that, paper. Some ink on paper in the form of a bank note , call it the U.S. dollar, and it has become one of the most widely used currency globally. That is quite the feat to do with paper and ink.

It appears in order to maintain our number one status is quite expensive.Trillions of dollars in debt does not constitute a financial system  that is working properly.

I must admit I have no degree in economics and finance. Hell I don’t think I even took a class way back in high school. I am just a regular person who works 40 hours a week. Why? To collect that paycheck and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.This means Buy what I need and sell what I don’t need any more. I may not be a professional, but like everybody else I am directly affected by the economy. This give me that right to an opinion.

From my earliest memories  the dollar was the standard currency. Now the dollar was measured by what is called the gold standard.. Paper money was introduced as a tool to represent its value in gold.It was easier to carry a stack of bills than bags of gold.

I am not sure when things started to go wrong.  Born in innocence we want to believe in the good. Feeling safe  and trusting  what we are told. This may be true to a point. As you venture out into the world you see a different side. The contrast of good and bad is the reality of our world.

I don’t want to get too far off track here. My take on this is I want fair compensation for my days work. Call it dollars, euros, pounds, or just tokens or credits. It is all the same just different names for the same tool. But there must be order. The world is too big to be going in a billion different directions.

In the year 1971 the president enacted an executive order removing the gold standard. I am not sure I fully understood all this although I have read many articles on the subject. It appears to have good and bad aspects.  It took care of the immediate problem, a band aid if you will, but the long term ramifications are troubling. Fast forward to the year 2016. Let me give you a run down. Over 19.4  trillion dollars is the national gross debt as of July of this year. We lost our Grade A credit rating. Inflation has affected the value of the dollar.  $1.00 in the year 1971 is equal to $5.94 in 2016. As an example  in 1971 I  had just graduated high school and I was making $2.00 an hour washing dishes in a restaurant. That is $80 a week before taxes. The price of gas was 19 cents a gallon. You do the math compared to today’s wages and gas prices.. Here is another example. In 1963 we moved to Phoenix ,Az. and the folks bought a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Sticker price  $ 19,000.  These days you are lucky to find a decent car to buy. In the late 60’s I went to a lot of rock concerts. I would save my paper route money to buy my $3.00 ticket. These days $40 to $50 a ticket is more the norm. Kind of a mind blower!

So what does this all mean to us? It appears there are a few that have their hands on the money meter. These elite few have the bulk of world wealth. Manipulating the money markets sponsoring warring factions.  At times creating the

scenario. All this to get their greedy little hands on all the money. In this presidential election we are seeing who really rules. And it sure as hell isn’t WE  the  PEOPLE…

All about the money…  That artificial object we created to do business. There appears to be no escape. Under our present system the ones controlling the money, control where you live, how you live, what you buy, how educated you can become, and even where you will be buried when you die.

If you don’t believe me try living off the grid. Watch and see how fast they would be out to your place. Fining you for noncompliance to building codes. I heard it said that it is for your safety and better interest.I  think it is more like catering to special interests, like utility companies.

I read an article about this guy who owned some land in southern California. He had it all setup with solar, he dug a well, and recycled his waste. Had himself a garden and livestock. Pretty much everything he  needed to live. The sheriff came out to his place and threatened to throw him off his property if he didn’t comply with building codes.  So what is that all about? Two main issues , he wasn’t hooked up to  the power lines and  also not hooked up to the water lines. Electric and water utilities. Right .Just a little suspicious. Or at least it is for me.

Just tonight I was watching a video. The news reporter was interviewing this woman in south Florida. It seems she lived in a treehouse in her own back yard.. A 65 year old professing hippy.  Everything on the property reflexes her unique taste in architecture. Authorities have told her she must comply to the codes or everything on the property will be demolished?  The problem is she has no money for repairs because of all the heavy fine she has had to pay.

Now I am a bit confused  on a few points . According to the authorities they claim it is an unsafe environment and they have her better interest in mind. In part this may be true. I am no contractor. Just an opinionated  fool. That said  maybe there is room for improvement. Now here is where I take issue. I know right is right and wrong is wrong. But let’s consider for a moment the severity of the wrongdoing. In our treehouse lady case the only ones affected by her wrong doing is herself and maybe an occasional guest… I seem to remember in the recent news hearing about an unsafe  environment in Detroit. Contaminated water system has a wider scope as s wrongdoing. And with the possibility of being lethal to children and old folks. How long did this go unchecked?  And who was held accountable?

This isn’t an isolated account where big business has through their actions or business practiced created an unhealthy environment. As I stated before the scope of influence between our treehouse lady and big business is vastly different. Another words big business could potentially affect thousands. I can’t in all honesty say if their actions are intentional or innocence. It is not as important as accountability. With all .their money, influence, and lawyers   they are able to maintain their monetary status and continue their illicit practice.

Our treehouse lady does not share that privilege.   Lacking the money or resources her dream smashed to rubble.

Now this is where I am curious. I am under the impression the privilege of equal representation, due process of law is our given rights? Not bought? Correct me if I am wrong. The appears to be one set of rules for the elite and another for everybody else….

So  this is how it is and how it will be. I don’t  ever see us happy if we are bound  with money chains. Here is where my conversation gets a little hazy as I struggle more than most to free myself from money bounds.

From an early age we are told of the importance of money. Ultimately establishing a link between money and success and happiness. The more money the more success. The more success the more happiness. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t work that way. There is never enough money and always someone more successful. So you take what you can’t make ,to have more, but  more is not enough.

So, how do I deal with money? Just like everyone else. I’ve never had lots of money by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been comfortable and lost it all and had nothing. I have worried and obsessed over money, only to realize it wasn’t helping at all. Then it hit me! Paper money is not worth a thing unless we put a value on it. It is a tool we have chosen to conduct our trade with. And like all tools, we use them, we give them power, we control them, not them us. I must be honest, I do believe this to be true, but I do slip back into my old way of thinking. I have to remind myself it is just paper and ink and I control it . It does not control me.