Life After Debate Nimber Two…

So life does go on after Sunday’s debate. I see that Trump is acting like Trump as he continues to ridicule the ones that have withdrawn their support  of him.The media is calling it civil war because he is slinging insults at fellow Republicans. It is quite a display I must say. If the world isn’t standing by watching and smirking I would be surprised.

Another thing that is conveniently coming out was that Bill Clinton fathered a son. The mother just happens to be black and a prostitute he had met many years back.  I don’t mean this in a racist way. I am just repeating what I heard. The timing is all too curious.

Speaking about timing it seems that Yoko Ono told reporters that she knew Hillary. She stated she had met her back in the seventies in New York and that they had a fling.  More sexual innuendos? What happened to all the real issues that We the People are facing?

So we are with questions left unanswered. And still there is no one worthy of my vote. Try as they may to discredit each other with insults and slanderous comments neither one appears worthy. I am hard pressed to believe that I am the only one seeing this.nick