How do I explain this feeling, which is more than just a feeling.? It is my world.Living on this spinning orb we call Earth. One revolution makes one day, one orbit around the sun makes a full year. Progress is constant and change slow and subtle.

In one night, time warped. As the episode began time slowed down so I was able to  view in real time, frame by frame. Then at so point,time surged forward at light speed. Sending us forward into what is now our present. Taken back and a bit disoriented.  It has taken a few day for me to catch up…

I am curious? Am I the only one or are there others? Well maybe not with as much drama . I’ve been feeling a major shift coming… Tuesday was that time marker. There is no turning back. Don’t expect anything to be the  same . No biz as usual..

So what am I saying?  What is going to happen next? The problem is in the uncertainty.. How will the President act? How will We the People react? I can not answer for anyone  but myself.  It is no secret to anyone that knows me   that I found no favor in either of the candidates. Unresolved issues on both sides of  the aisle made it quite clear I do not trust or have confidence in either one of   them. And I  was unable with a clear conscience vote for either of them. I know I am only one, but  as an American it is one of  my rights I hold close to my heart.

Okay  time for a reality check. For the past year we have been in election campaign mode.  Signalling the conclusion is election day . Now the process of  electing the president is called the electoral college. It is the process used since our humble beginnings as a nation and with very little change. The truth is at the end of the day  we have elected a president. Trump received the 270 electoral votes to become the president of the United States. You heard me right I said electoral votes not popular votes.. The popular vote is to elect  the delegates. The delegates in turn cast their vote for the candidate that becomes president. The point I wish to make clear here is that the popular vote does not a president make.  Our vote, the popular vote elects delegates who vote in our behalf. In an election as the one we have had this year, with so many people unhappy as the delegate count favoring one while the popular vote favors the other. Maybe it is time to take a look at the process we use to elect the president.  Personally I don’t see where the Electoral College is meeting our needs. I can’t help but feel my vote losing power or getting lost  in the shuffle as electors are actually electing the president. Not to mention it gives an opportunity  for corruption. Not saying the electors.would willingly deceive WE the People. Just saying.

For me the popular vote is a better fit. Each and every vote counts as one . That only makes sense. One more reason for changing the system.  And it is financial. Don’t know if the delegates draw a wage. I can’t see any of these patriotic Americans doing this for free. I have a feeling there is big money around all this. To eliminate all that expense maybe we could put the money to better use like taking care of our poor, homeless and orphans. Just saying….

I thought  maybe if I could sort things out. Talking things through  like I am doing here. Then maybe just maybe I would start to feel better about all this. Well I have a confession to make. I am not feeling better about all this.

You know what complicates matters is the media weighing in.. It seems that journalism  has given in to special interests and big money. Writing to feed the propaganda machine.. Why is it that some news is not talked about or a one or two liner or on the back page. Then there are other articles you hear over and over and over again. At times slightly twisted or taken out of context. It doesn’t just happen.  Yes it is intentional.  Feeding the propaganda machine.  What is the agenda?  Conspiracy crap you sayThat doesn’t work, no one believes that bull. Really, take another look around you and tell me that we are not being played. And guess what they aren’t done with us yet. nick