What if…?

What if Saddam Hussein was alive and President of Iraq? What would be the state of affairs in the middle east? Better or worse? I know it is a rhetorical question. Just humor me for a moment. Would it be the lesser of two evils? This shouldn’t be too hard of a question for Americans. For this past year I can’t even count the times I heard that phrase used in reference to our election..

Think for a moment if he was alive and President of Iraq chances are not much would have changed. He would rule with an iron fist. Fear would be the motivation for obedience. His enemies would be eliminated. The world would wonder where and how he would strike next. Not real positive huh?There is one positive thing. I don’t see ISIS being anywhere in the picture

The  truth is America orchestrated the Gulf War invading Iraq, capturing Saddam Hussein, trying  him ,and executing him, At first glance you might say what an awesome humanitarian gesture. Freeing all those people! Sorry to shatter illusions, but I don’t think the poor Iraqi citizens were top priority. And they never did find weapons of mass destruction. Why you ask? There wasn’t any. But it sounds better than  protecting America’s interests. Hum what might that be?  OIL.

 I am disappointing that we were there for all the wrong reasons. We did manage to remove Saddam Hussein from power and liberate the people. We do have the seek and destroy thing down.  The problem is we didn’t think beyond that. What do I mean by that? Taking Saddam out of the picture left a major void.

It might sound  weird, he might have been a murderous, evil person, but he was all most of them had. For twenty four years he had been their leader and their protector. He told them what to do and how to act. He gave them a sense of security. Some weren’t even born when he took power.  I would compare it to a small child. He/she learns to walk and talk. You decide it is time for them to take care of themselves. You boot them out on the street and it doesn’t take long before someone comes along to take advantage of them. You look hungry and tired.. I have a place where you can sleep and some food  for you to eat. I even have a little bit of cash I can give you so you can buy some new clothes. One thing I have a little favor to ask of you,,,

Let me be clear I am no fan of Saddam’s, but it appears to be just as bad if not worse than it was before. Now I want you to  hear what I say. I am not saying we shouldn’t be engaged in world affairs..  Isolation worked in the early days of the twentieth century, but the world has changed in a century’s time. Our world, in the twenty first  century has evolved. Did you notice my use of the adjective our and not my.  Accept it or not, it is our world .I am not saying we are to give up our individuality. Be whoever you are and do whatever it is you do, but I only ask one thing. We must stop hurting one another.

With this being said we must think it through before  we act. Because every action has its consequences. Every action  affects everyone else both now  and for future generations.

I’ve heard the words “ protecting our interests”. Interests? Oil? Money? Power? Land? Wrong motivation. Number One priority PEOPLE. That’s right I said people.

One last question. .I ask you, how many human lives were paid  to protect our interests?  Next time you are at the gas pumps grumbling about how much you are paying for gas, remember it’s  only paper and ink. Not like a living human being. nick