News believe it or not?

The internet has opened up the world of journalism. This is good and bad.  With so many voices it is important to check the facts. I’m not saying the media  lies.. Thst would be unethical, but there are ones that would stretch the truth or omit parts  like taking things out of context. And paying  more attention to  money people.

I have noticed  there  are (for the lack of a better word) old school journalest. They are not intimidated by the rich and poweerful.I miss placed this post . I started writing  it around election time. I think the point I was trying to make is very important as we move forward. Growing up with television we wdre conditioned to believe  everything we saw and heard . I am now realizing  this is not always true.

I am not saying this to scare you or make you paranoid, but to encourage you to check your sources. Do your research. There are some very credible sources out there a d they are there for our benefit.