Hello all! Question? What is you take on our state of affairs? Oh come now everybody has  an opinion. Or should I say everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe you are in politic overload. You know like during this recent election cycle we were saturated with so much stuff. TV, radio, the internet, etc. You heard so much shit you got a stomach ache and this migraine aspirin won’t cure.  If you hear  anything political you want to go heave. So basically you  turn a deaf ear and/or walk the other way. You are really wondering why you stopped to read my post.

I understand completely. To be honest with you there was a few times I had to block it all out. Okay, so it was more than a few times, I seem to be drawn back. Why you ask? Because I care about my life. I enjoy my freedom. I grew up in America and I believe in the core values America represents. And I am deeply troubled the direction we are going. So if I can leave you with a thought. It would this. Don’t stay gone too long. It is imperative that we stay informed and more so that we get involved. I know you are thinking or you wouldn’t have read this far.

Maybe you are one of those people who are diligently watching it all and doing your part to clearly define your opposition to what is going on. I must commend you and thank you for having the courage to act on what you believe.

Or maybe you are one of those people are fed up with the way things are  and are in agreement with what is going on right now. I truly respect your right to your opinion. I agree we all have reason to be fed up. There is much that needs to be done. But with due respect I take issue with the devious methods and rhetoric ,  with the lies and deception being used to achieve his agenda. I must say I am in total disagreement with much of Mr. Trumps ideology.

The number ONE issue I have at this point. I am not sure how to label it. As close as I can call it would be the abuse of power. The fate of our country and ultimately the fate of the world should not be determined by one person. PERIOD. The founding father foresaw this as being problematic. So as a safeguard they set up three branches or departments in our government structure. Each with their function and consequential power. Working properly it creates a balance of power.

If I reword it to make it a bit clear.  The office of the presidency is occupied by a single person. Elected by a system known as the Electoral College.The elected serves in a capacity as stated in the constitution and must uphold the constitution. And is delegated its power as it is stated in the constitution.

Now listen up . This part is important. The president is a mere person and not alone in running the government. Not supreme rule or another  singular type ruler. The president represents one third of the government’s leadership. The executive branch is balanced  by two others, the legislative and judicial branches. Each working equally within the framework of our constitution, with checks and balances. Working properly we achieve that balance of power and yes it works. That is the America I know and love.That is the America that makes us great. Need I say more.nick