Have I Lost My Focus?

Have I Lost My Focus?

Have I lost my focus? What do I mean by that? Thinking back to my blogging beginnings, I had a strong conviction to share my feelings . Speaking as loud as I can against war ,our warring worlds mindset, war as the first and only mean to an end.

I am convinced that war only leads to more war. And that means only leads to one end. The end of human life on planet Earth!

My focus must clearly be to WAGE PEACE and not war!   Peace there is no compromise here. Not I win and you loss or you win and I loss. But we both win as we come together at a round table. The circle has no beginning and the circle has no ending . The circle is eternal, unbreakable, complete. We must realize we are one people, one race,the human race, and one chance, Peace, peace and only peace. We must not compromise ….

Have I lost my focus? Yes and no. Yes from the standpoint that I have not been vocal about my heart convictions. No from the standpoint that I still embrace those convictions. Yes I have allowed other issues to crowd out expressing my thoughts on peace.

In conclusion I am setting my sight back on peace. The need for active dialogue for peace is of utmost importance. One must only look at the world, our own country, and the convictions of our own hearts to realize peace is the only answer to our world’s survival.

Peace is not an easy task. It takes a conscience effort. May I say a continuous conscience effort to wage peace.

To wage war is an easy out. If someone disagrees with you, you use all your physical strengths to crush them into submission. May I note if their physical strengths outweighs your the opposite result occurs. Problem? Yes big problem. The winner,loser show is short lived. Sooner or later someone stronger comes along to challenge that win and will defeat you. The winner,loser cycle goes on and on. Never ending. Growing in intensity until it destroys everything and everyone. What has been accomplished? Total destruction. Done.

What then is the answer? Peace we must wage PEACE. Peace is a win, win situation. I know. It takes a conscience effort to wage peace. To sit down face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, and listen what the other one has to say. That goes both ways. Let me repeat that. Peace begins when both side choose to listen to each other. 

I can’t make it more clear waging peace is hard work. It takes all that you are to make it work. Anyone can build a bomb, but it takes real strength to admit you are wrong or if you are right to forgive the one who wronged you.

It is easy to respect the respectable ,but hard to respect the unrespectable. It is easy to live about one that agree with you,but not so easy with ones who disagree.

Maybe all this is hard to get your mind wrapped around. I can understand that. Since the beginning of the human race we have been fed that the strong will survive . Limiting their strengths to physical attributes. Bigger and badder bombs. And more of them. You get hit you hit back. It doesn’t end. You take from one someone comes along and takes from you.

I think I have illustrated my point. Maybe more so and for that I apologize. It is just hard for me to sit back and watch what is happening and not say something. Thank you for listening….nick