Well, how many more days?

I found this post . It got lost in the shuffle. A little late but it may have a few relevant points

How many more days?   Before it is official?  I know we are already waist deep in shit and we are not even official. Yes, I did use the word WE and not he or them. Why you ask? Plain and simple, WE the people have voted. Very soon Mr. Trump will become President Trump. Hold on now the buck doesn’t stop there.

Let us be reminded the president is an elected official to preside over the executive branch of our government.  I can’t  deny that the position of President isn’t the most powerful and influential position in our government.  The position isn’t to be taken lightly. It is a grave responsibility to first and foremost protect us, our country,and  unhold our Constitution.

To guarantee a balance of power the founding fathers made provisions in the Constitution. Two other branches were added to the government. With all three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial established and working properly there should be the checks and balances to maintain the balance of  power.

I started this post a few days ago agonizing as to what I wanted to say..  Well , I am going to shift gears.  It’s not really off topic.. In fact what I’ve been saying with words  these beautiful people are doing with deeds.

I have read a few news feeds over the past few days. And there are people all over the country. Shit all over the world in massive demonstrations. We are not just talking hundreds here but hundreds of thousands.  I am totally excited to see this happening. I do stand corrected  and humbled they have taken words to the next level to action. God bless them  and protect them  i just know good will come from this. nick