Overload . I don’t know  about anyone else, but at times I get too busy, or stress level gets too high, too many demands on my life, or just too much noise. Ninety percent of my overload is due to  too much noise. I was raised pretty much a city boy. Fortunately I was able to spend most of my summers with my grandparents. They had a home a ways out in the country. I can’t really say for sure. Maybe  five or six acres. Enough land for the house, shed,chicken coop, pig pen, large garden with fruit trees, and how can I forget the outhouse. As a small boy it was moment by moment adventure. What fun…. Just thinking about it is relaxing me.

Absolutely no noise. Food was fresh every day. Chickens, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and an abundance of canned foods in the root cellar. I’m here to tell you how awesome it was to eat a home cooked meal on a wood stove. OMG my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Okay what was I talking about?  Overload. Talking about  the positive things instead of the BS and listening to noise is helping me feel better. Actually I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off me. Wow very cool!😎

I think I am ready to go out and face my day. We shall see how tall I stand in a few hours!!!! nick