HELLO ….Is there anybody listening…watching… wondering?  What the hell is happening? Protest in the streets leading to violence and inciting riots. Sorry I don’t buy the comments about cry babies and sore losers. Protest begins when  people feel something is wrong  and they are not being heard. Violence and riot erupt as frustration replaces patience because they still are not heard. So now one might ask one’s self what is happening. And that is a good start. And may lead to figure out why  it is happening. Maybe just maybe it will inspire some helpful  solutions. Like some healthy dialogue . By the way that is both talking and listening. It’s been known to work better than yelling over one another . The loudest one wins. Sorry no one wins there.

Okay  now I have established the fact that there is a large percentage of people who feel sometime  or someone is wrong and they want to be heard. Why then is nobody  listening? You have to stop talking to listen… I am reminded of a song written by the Buffalo Springfield. The part of  verses that comes to mind, “ nobody is right if everybody’s wrong… thousand people in the street… carrying signs… young people speaking their minds…step out of line and the man will take you away… there’s a man with a gun over there telling me I got to beware… hey children what’s that sound everybody look what’s going down…”  Words sung like it was yesterday. Believe it or not that song is over forty years old…

Then it was President Nixon, inequality, the Vietnam War, and civil rights. Ironically we now have President  Trump, inequality, war all over the Middle East, and civil rights. Then inequality was dominated with the blacks and women. Now we have added to that list gays and Muslims. And let’s not forget  the poor and middle class. They say history repeats itself. It appears to be true. And unresolved issues still remain unresolved.

Shouldn’t we be learning from our mistakes?  Instead we are going over and over the same things. And each time we revisit these old lessons we discover  they remain unlearned and they have grown and much harder to  manage. Life lessons are by design for our benefit. That we should learn ,grow,mature, evolve. To survive as a species we must evolve. It is not a request  it is a demand. We must evolve in order to survive. 

I started this post some months ago , shortly after our new president was sworn into office.. I overlooked it and it got buried. I was cleaning up and organizing files and ran across it.  It was worth of print then and more so now. So here it is.nick