Wars and rumors of wars.

Wars and rumors wars. Let us wake up to the reality that this is our world. We can candy coat it, justify it, or deny it, but at the end of the day our world is at war. We are killing … No let me rephrase that. The word killing is to mild. We are  murdering each other all around the world. War ,hate, destruction…  No one listening everyone acting, reacting as we fall deeper and deeper.

Oh Nick here you go again.speaking gloom and doom. Always talking negative. If talking the truth is what you call doom and gloom then what is it you want to hear? Lies telling you everything is wonderful. Is that positive enough? Ignoring and denying is not positive. Positive is facing our reality and working to create a positive reality. I heard a statement on the radio today as it reporting on Iraq.They said something about American troops on the ground and went on to say they were there as advisers. Hasn’t history taught us anything. How long were we told that Vietnam was a police action? We were there as advisers. It sounds a lot nicer than what was really happening. Troops on the ground killing and being killed. Let’s get real.

I am sorry I have been holding my tongue for too long now. Each day that goes by hundreds  fall prey to the violent and warring factions. Innocent victims men, women and children slaughtered.. And for what reason? One religious belief system over another,  one man’s lust for power, misunderstandings and land disputes. And the list attempting to justify war goes on and on.

For every reason  for war there are a hundred lost lives  against it.If it was only one life lost that would do it for me, but hundreds of time more . I am left speechless. How many human lives for a bucket of oil or a acre of prime real estate?.

Okay so I get a little melodramatic sorry I can’t help myself. It’s just when I think about all that human life wasted in the name of war something begins to swell up inside Like a knot in my gut and a sharp pain in my heart So you tell me what is it going to take?:To lose a husband or wife? Son or a daughter? Nephew, Niece,cousin, or just a friend?Is that what it will take before we realize  war is not the answer?  War doesn’t work .It has never worked.Period..

In closing I would like to leave a thought with you. I’ve been hearing the word Pro life and they say they are against abortion. Saying that a woman can not decide what she can do with her own body. It appears that government is overextending their rule. Don’t get me wrong I love life and feel everyone should have the opportunity to live a full life. My point is I don’t feel the government should be delegating what a woman can do with her own body. Other words she should make that choice.

With all the words and energy expelled for the woman to have the baby because you are pro life and you think abortion is murder and bla bla bla. Now this is where I get confused. That baby grows up and turns 18. You and your pro life belief have no problem turning around and sending that boy or girl to war? I am sorry but I don’t get it. The life that you went to so much trouble to save just to turn around and put them in a position to lose their life and/ or take away someone else. Does that make sense to you?

I had a conversation with a coworker. The conversation came around as to what he was going to do after high school. He said he was going to sign up for the military. When I asked him what prompted his decision he immediately said  I want to join the Marines and protect our country. Those words were hard for me to hear. I have mixed feelings. Humans by nature are protectors. Protecting our own from harms . Threaten my family and I will be right there. I think it is commendable that a person would want to protect his country.

This is where it gets complicated. It is not like there are boots on the ground in your home town and they are busting in the back door of your mother’s house. No, we are all over the Middle East. And what is the rational? Humanitarian, the watchdog of the world, protecting and freeing the oppressed, spreading democracy.  All theses things would appear to be true. But are they? I’ve heard the words, directly from the president’s mouth. To the effect we are there to protect America’s special interests. Now what might that be? OIL? Ideology? Are these good reasons to sacrifice human life? Is that patriotism?

Would I encourage him not to go. I don’t think so. I would encourage him to follow the dictates of his heart, but to temper it with his mind. Other words use your head.Emotion and logic work well together when given the chance to equally speak.nick