Dear Dad

Dear Dad, I am writing you this letter to wish you a happy BDay. Tomorrow is your day. I first I thought it a bit strange of me to write you this letter as you passed away several years ago. Not knowing where to mail it. Then I thought  I’m not  strange everyday I see and hear through the media they are honoring someone they deem important. So with that said I choose to celebrate your life, with thanksgiving. Thankful for being allowed to share a small part of your life. I can’t help but feel you close by watching me stumble over my words as I try and put them perfectly on the page.

This should have been posted 3 days ago. I debated  with myself for a few days whether or not to post.  It is close to my heart and maybe no one else can relate. As you can see I decided to post. If I can leave you with a single thought. We should celebrate life everyday, not just one day out of the year. Thank you for reading.nick