A Cat’s Love


Cat Love like dog Love


Unlike people Love


Animals are glad to see you

Folks are just glad to see what you have for them

Animals wait for you at the door

People too busy to even call

Animals love you in good times and bad

In good times people love you

In bad you can’t even find a friend

I know I sound a bit cynical, but I would challenge anyone who could say they have never experienced someone like this in their life. This is a hard and sometimes painful bit of reality to have to endure. What brought this to mind for this post was not any recent occurrence. Last night as I got home from work it hit me. As usual my cat was sitting up in the windowsill waiting my return home. And before I could get my key in the door and turn the doorknob she was right by the door to greet me.

I was aware that she always is there every day. But last night hit me. She is always there wanting my attention. Even when I am in a shitty mood. Lord knows I’ve had a few of those lately. I sit down tired from the day she just wants to crawl up in my lap and be close to me.

Can I say I’ve grown closer to her than with people I know. Sad to say it’s true  Maybe it is time to attend to mending bridges instead of mending fences… Just a thought.. Anyway I will stop ranting for now anyway. You all have a nice day.nick