What, why, who , is it whom

 I must confess I am not a socially sauve person. What  mean by that I I view my world with the innocence or maybe I should say foolish assumption that everyone is honest, straight forward, and not self seeking. Well this is not true. Let me say there are some, not all, but some that are self seeking,dishonest and not straight up. Ones that in their own best interest will do anything to  promote their own agenda. Having no regard for anybody or anything. Eager to throw anyone under the bus that would truly get in their way.

I struggle as to what  am to do. Number one to not engage,deny, ignore,or avoid is not an option here. This leaves two directions I am able to take. One is to simply leave, remove myself from the situation. And the second is to face the situation. Right. That can go good or that can go bad. Depends deep on how it is handled.

See the problem I have is perception. My view of the world is not a war zone. The battle for supremacy has no place in my world . My strategy for survival does not include a tactical plan focusing on winning at all cost.  Lying, cheating, stealing , harming or possibly killing another person s not my mindset.

Each of us has our own mindset. Cultivated by our environment, community, and choices we have made.  Interacting can get quite complicated. Each relationship whether it is personal or working deems my attention. Respecting other without compromising self respect.  I can admit my weakness that I struggle to do right with all  that I come in counter with.  At times I am indifferent and other times impatient. Although it is not right, it is human.I don’t want to use this as an excuse,but to recognize my shortcomings and rectify the problem. It may be quite humbling at times to admit I am wrong, in doing so I become a better version of me.

So with this being said I have made some serious soul searching. And to just get my thoughts out is of grave importance to me. I am seeing clearer. And seeing a path to reconcile. And although it may be hard, it must be done.nick