MONEY what is it worth?

Money, what is it worth? I guess we could approach it from different directions. Each avenue of thought will give a little different light. As a Wall Street broker it a tool to shift about applying leverage to manipulate assets in their favor. To a farmer , it is what he hopes he has enough of to feed him and his family through the cold winter. The poor man reaches for it as the impossible dream. The average man works hard to receive it. The rich man with greedy eyes sees all and wants it all.

That may well be some of our perceptions of money. But it still doesn’t answer my  question. Money, what is it worth?  Money in itself has no value. It’s value is based what government sets as a standard.

Concepts are hard to grasp. We need to have something physical  to wrap your mitts around. So trade and barter evolved into gold and silver and banknotes and currency and is is slowly digital devices to move money about.

It’s getting rather boring. No one pinches pennies any more  or hides their gold and silver in the backyard or dollar bill under their mattress. And at those famous dance clubs what are you to stuff into their tops and bottoms?

Currency is  becoming a thing of the past. It can  be called credits, talents, points, or whatever else you would choose to label it is good. You earn points to buy goods. Simple no thought,no need for greed. Just keep your own. And don’t take another. No need to become overstimulated it is just the standard tool to conduct business. Don’t take more than you need or spend more than you have. That sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?

What then are we  going to worry about? What will we have to fight over. Oh, we will find something else to entertain ourselves.

Money, what is it worth?  Nothing. It is just the tool  we have given that name to allow us to easily buy and sell. I don’t know about you but it relieves some of the stress I feel about money.nick