Sleep Walking

Okay so I wasn’t … Let’s just say I wasn’t all that attentive through the late 60’s early 70’s. What I mean by attentive is I didn’t fall in line. Accepting everything that was happening around me. I always had to ask why. 

Why can’t we get along? Why are we in Vietnam? Why school, why all these classes I am not interested in? Why college when I didn’t even know what I want to study? Why marriage? Why do they kill a president and his brother a few years later and get away with it? This was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. My mind was pounding with all these questions.

Don’t get me wrong I am by no means perfect. I don’t​ have all the answers. I haven’t made all the right decisions in my life, but I have made all the decisions in my life. Me, myself, and I. No one else. I am accountable. And guess what? That feels good!

I’ve had my ups and downs. Experienced the joy of love and marriage. And the pain of break ups and divorce. I’ve gone to battle with my demons and addictions. Sometimes I win  and sometimes I loss. But all the time I learn something and pray for the strength to move forward. Easy, no way? Have I arrived yet? No, I’m not dead yet. The way I figure this journey I am on will last my life time.  

I thought things got a bit scary in the early 60’s. They called it the Cold War. Russia and the U.S. were posturing. Playing that I’ve got bigger,better, and more nukes than you. Back and forth. We would build one. They would build two to get ahead. So we in turn would build three to maintain our lead.More and more, out of control. 

At the time we lived in rual area north of Tucson. With no schools in our community we road the school bus into Tucson to the nearest school. The scenery for the most part was desert. Dirt and cactus. About half way to town there was some fenced off government land.  And the structures​ built there where what they called silos. Not the ones you store grain in. No these silos housed a military team. 24/7. They were there to maintain the nuke that where ready and charged. And could be detinated at the push of a button. It would be on its way to a designated target. Pretty scary. 

Ya that was pretty scary I must admit, but that was nothing compared to what is possible now.

Now we have nukes that are a hundred times more powerful if not more and technology far more superier  than before. And to add to the mix there are these smaller countries who are as we speak developing technology with very destructive possibilities. I am preculating at this point, but I figure they have been bullied around  for so long they need to push back. The problem is they lack the wisdom to be cautious. Add an intense hatred for the U.S. and you have a potentually volitale situation. To he challenge for our president  not run his mouth. Choosing his every word wisely and carefully  delegate his actions. The last thing we need is a nuclear war on our hands. We all know what that would be like.