Self-esteem,  the word  very powerfully speaks of respect , self respect, admiration,to think highly of ones self.  Exploding with self confidence and mixing with creativity gives one the driving formula for success. It might sound odd but the ego is one of the greatest  enemies of  high self-esteem… Let me see if I can talk my way through this one.

Words are so facinating to me. If you take a word and add to it, you change the meaning. For example the word self  it carries with it the idea of who we are as an individual. That is not bad. Self that is me , who I am . If you add less to it you get selfless.  Does that make me less of who I am.  No, selfless as a virtue is one choosing to appease others with no regard to themself. Now add ish instead. You get selfish.  Giving you the opposite meaning.  One chooses to appease ones self with no regard for anybody else. Now how does this fit into what I am talking about?

The ego takes root in selfishness whereas self-esteem thrives in selflessness.  The ego feeds on itself drawing all of it’s energy inward. Taking not giving.  Creating a vacuum like a black hole consuming very thing in  it’s wake.  On the other hand  self-esteem is that energy within. Has no need to take others. It’s energy moves outward. Giving ,feeding , nurturing.  Planting and watering the seed if you will. It is in the giving that one is receiving. A win,win. Creating an environment suitable to perpetuate life.nick