Turn the Page…

I never quit learning. Growing, pressing forward. In all my days so far I am always amazed at how certain ones conduct their lives and ultimately their business. My success in the corporate world although I excelled in production and my book keeping was in line, I was unable to climb that corporate ladder successfully. Maybe I wasn’t hungry enough. Uncontrollable.  Someone needs to question the status quo.

You may ask what do you gain by being the rogue.  I am quick to answer my self respect. And guess what that is worth more to me than wealth or power…. If I have to shit on people every step of the way up the corporate ladder I don’t want anything to do with it. There is no place for playing the corporate game and trying to win. It’s dirty enough just having to be there. If one thinks they are strong enough to stay clean think again.

I am not real sure yet where this all fits into this post… Turn the Page. I guess I am getting a little too cozy. It is usually when things start changing. Turn the Page.  The chapter is over ad a new one begins. As anyone who knows me,I m not  too keen on change. I get stuck in my comfort zone and there I sit. There is good and bad in that. Good from the stand point of stability and consistency. But being stuck there there is no progress . No forward motion. I become complacent and miss opportunities.

So what I’m saying is change can be good. The problem is it leaves me lost for a moment or two till I can see the direction I am going in. It’s during that time that I beat myself up with self doubt and worry. Afraid to turn the page not knowing what is coming up next… It’s the unknown that is unsettling.

I  was just thinking. You all must be wondering as to what the hell I am talking about.  A bit of the back story would help. I have been at this job for about four years. And let’s just say it is not living up to my expectations.  I finally made the decision and put in my two weeks notice. They in return found someone in. A weeks time some kind of record for them considering the process is quite lengthy. Back ground check and the like. So they said I wouldn’t  have to work this next week. That was nice that they were so considerate of me. Right. 

That is all I choose to say on the subject. Let’s leave that for another post.   Time to Turn the Page. Begin reading this new chapter in my life …nick