Curious People

Dinner at the TeePee, the local Mexican restaurant. I found myself seated in the center of a very crowded room. Conversations diverse and for the most part loud enough to hear.

I’m not a weirdo and not a nosey person. Just a people curious kind of person. The had a group of four sitting at the table next to me. It appeared to be parents with daughter and son in law. The father being quite the authoritarian in speech as the son in law rambled on seeking to impress. And the two women were quiet spoken. Answering when spoken to and domestic chit chat between the two of them.

Across the aile there was an elderly  couple. I have to caution myself as the gap between my age  and the term elderly shortens. They appeared to be about ten years to my senior.

At first I assumed them to be a married couple enjoying dinner together. Their conversation loud enough to hear next door said another thing.  It seems we were talking first date here. It made me smile. It’s never too late to find someone to spend your time with. No one should have to be alone.