more or less

more or less

i must confess

too much too little

stuck in the middle

no answer in sight

looks like a fight

one winner one loser

why must we be the chooser


Why doesn’t it work?

Since the beginning of human existence we were and still are conditioned in the mind set that one must win and the other must lose. I think history has more than proved that to be true. History has documented countless accounts of battling factions where  we see the winner celebrating  their triumph over their adversary. In retrospect the loser must endure the pain of defeat.

Okay if you are still with me here let’s dig  a little deeper. Generally, there are two side to any conflict. The winning side and the losing side. As is customary then winners celebrate  as they glory in their victory while the losing side agonizes in their pain of defeat. It’s only natural right?  After all it’s good to win and bad to loss. We won so we must be good. They lost so they are bad and deserve to be punished. And that is the way it is. I don’t know about you. I don’t buy it.After thousand and thousands of years of our human existence and countless thousands of conflicts,our warring factions with our winners and losers has not done it’s job. It has not eliminated that conflict with it’s warring , killing, destruction. Clearly IT DOESN’T WORK! In fact it perpetuates more future conflict. Perpetuate:  to cause (something that should be stopped, such as a mistaken idea or a bad situation) to continue.

History has a way of repeating it self. World War 1, we are talking major conflict. Our conflict was not resolved. The arrogant winners in their glory lorded over the pain ridden  losers as their resentment and hatred grew and culmonated into World War 2. Another example comes to mind. More recent. Actually we are living it It is Korea. If you don’t think we will have to deal with Korea. Think again. They don’t just hate us . They loath us. They have had some fifty  years to feed that hatred. We worry about ISIS. They are a  stroll in the park in comparison  to where Korea is at.

If you will bare with me for another moment I have one more example. After WWII we  began having conflict with one of our WWII allies, Russia… We called it the Cold War.  Now the Cold War ended during those Reagan years. or did it? We aren’t on the most intimate terms with Russia.  Read it for yourself discerningly . It can’t be all fake news. And if you think about it . The one bitching the loudest about fake news is Mr. Trump. From what I’ve heard he holds a stake in the newspaper called the National Enquirer. Fancy that! nick.