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The Yin & the Yang

A powerful contrast of opposing thoughts

I have discovered same curious things about contrast. One cannot exist without the other.Consequently they are not able to function one without the other. Take for example good and evil or light and dark. Let’s say  there was no such thing as evil or dark. If someone was to come up to you and say to you ” You are a good person ” or “it sure is light today”.You would look at him and say “man are you crazy ? I’m always good” or ” It is always  light.”

I know it is hard to believe and even harder to accept that we have the capacity  to be both good and evil. We choose to think of ourselves  as innately good. Seeing the evil around us we think there are a few bad apples. But its them not us. I don’t think I can buy into that. Any thing that would alienate one person from another or one group from another doe not set right with me. It is problematic for me that one would be better than another.

Over time we should be seeing where this this kind of thinking  is getting us. The schism is growing deeper and wide as we get further and further from each other and reconciliation. The bad ones feeling hopeless only getting worse, while the good ones, well they are the good ones.  They sit back feeding their self righteous egos knowing  they do no wrong.

The ego is that force within us when fed consumes all and wants more. Blinding or twisting realities. Aligning them with its agenda. Feeding the ego. It doesn’t just want some it wants it all.

I choose to balance this equation.Each of us are equal in our choices for good and for evil. Am I pushing for equality ? Yes.From the lowest to the so called greatest. Each has within them the capacity for good and for evil. That kind of changes the playing field. The bad can do better.The good worse.While the so so do better or worse.Equally.