Why doesn’t it …

Why doesn’t it surprise me. I don’t want to assume anything.. But if we could for a moment take a step or two back and look objectively at our world map/ Kind of a hot bed for violence, rebellion, and  killing.. Lots of killing. That is what is the most troubling for me, the loss of human lives. Human lives., innocent men women , and children that just want the rights to live in their homes safe and secure. A place where they are able  to raise their families in love and not fear. Teaching them to love and not hate.

I heard this word indiscriminate  bombing. Sometimes call carpet bombing. You can get the picture. They saturate a given area with bombs with no regard for the population below. Civilians oh well.  Women and children oh well. That makes me friggin sick.


This pictures was taken a few years back, but is a common practice to this day. I try to be understanding. I just don’t get it.How can this be justified killing..  Why don’t we just call it what it is MURDER.

I can understand if someone is breaking into your home, threatening to bring harm to  your people and in self defense you pulled out a gun and shoot them dead. I could even understand if some one was to come home  finding his wife beaten and raped or his child beaten and killed to seek the person out and retaliate. I just thank God I haven’t been tested in that way. How would I react?

I started this post after reading the news feed about Russia in retaliation has imposed sanctions on the U.S. This comes in the wake of Trump signing  into law sanctions on Russia. Tit for tat. Who would figure?

It just occurred to me we have two bullies on the playground who just happen to be the two leaders of the two most powerful countries on the planet at the moment. The problem there is only room for one. And one is too many.

The event some have labeled ” Arab Spring”. Actually it was more than just an event.it was a protest movement that began in 2010… It seems to have sparked the beginning of modern day world order. I am not trying to under mind what has come about via the Arab Spring, but that is just a small part of the big picture.

Now bare with me and see where I go with this thing. Up until a couple years ago Russia was pretty  must staying out of the world scene.. Could have been for any number of reasons. Internal struggles. A few local disputes.  Well now they are right in the middle of what is happening with Syria. Siding with Assad, fighting against ISIS. The U.S. is also fighting against ISIS but leaning towards the rebel side. A bit confusing ? Yes and no.. Nobody want ISIS except ISIS.

I think we are overlooking something key. I know I had been. Since the end of WW2 things haven’t  well between the U.S. and Russia..Details I am unclear on All I can say is there is some unfinished business that must be dealt with going forward. As i was saying before. There is not room for two bullies on the playground.nick