Charlotteville, Virginia

I know most every one is ready to jump on every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth. I guess he has earned a reputation making an ass out of himself. I just finished an article in my CNN feed featuring Mr Trump speaking out about the events in Charlottesville over the weekend. There was one word that jumped out at me in his speech. Repugnant. The word was actually relevant with what he was talking about. Not to go overboard, but it is a good thing that he took his time and thought about what he was saying. Instead of just talking in haste. Whether or not he went far enough I can’t say . He went where he chose to go with it. Anyway I spoke my peace. I know I can hardly believe it either, complimenting Trump. I’m done there.

There was another article I read falls in under the same subject so I am able to include it here. I would like to give a high sign to GO DADDY. They are one of the largest web site domain name providers. It appears that one of these hate group that was in Charlotteville had a web site and domain name with Go Daddy.. Notice I said had a web age.. It seems ” The Daily Stormer” as it is called printed a derogatory article about the woman that was murdered with the car in Charlotteville. They, Go Daddy, terminated their services. Gave then 24 hours to make other arrangements. I think that was straight up. No bull shit. You crossed the line done .