Wars and Rumors of Wars

I make it a point to read each day from my news feed. It helps me stay in touch There is always something new to learn. A name has been dominate in the news here of late. Afghanistan… I know people the name whispered across the airwaves over the years.  A bit of trivia. How many years has the U.S. been at war in Afghanistan? Don’t know. I didn’t either.So I looked it up.

I thought to myself it’s only been a few years. Five at the most. Much to my surprise I was way off . According to my findings  Afghanistan as been our longest war to date. Sixteen years, you heard me right 16 years and the closest death count I was able to get was tens of thousands. That still paints a pretty horrible picture of what is going on there.

My question is what in the hell are we still doing there? A more astounding question than that. Why are we sending in thousand more troops? I know Trump is trying to hook up with something he can for real say he did. But at the expense of all those human lives  just to feed his already over sized ego sounds a bit absurd. Doesn’t it? There has got to be more at stake here. Our history has shone we do nothing that isn’t in our best interest. Now keep in mind our best interest may not even involve we the people.

I’m thinking to myself. What is the attraction? What do they have ? What are their resources?  Guess what I found only one resource that they are profect at.They grow and supply 98% of the worlds opium. It also stated that since 2001 there as been a 5% increase in opium produced in Afghanistan. That was the year the U.S. entered the war. I don’t know what to say. Google two words follow the links and read. CIA, Afghanistan.