Settling In…

It’s been a few months now and you would think I would be settling into retired life. I believe it could be that easy. And sooner or later I will relocate my comfort zone. Wondering why it has taken me so long to get here. But for now I may lament.

I am having a time accepting the fact that it is over. Not my life. Just a small part. Like yesterday.but a little bigger. No turning back, but moving forward? There lies my problem where do go from here? I’ve spent a lifetime defining myself and quite comfortable in what I’ve been able to accomplish. Hard working and good at what I do. Taking pride in my craft and learning the skills necessary to achieve those goals.

Now what do I just leave that all behind, buy a rocking chair or comfortable couch, park my ass on it , and watch my brain go away… I am of the thought that life is a progression of steps forward. And everything I’ve done helps with everything I’m doing. Leading me to what I will become. My evolution. My change. My maturity. It doesn’t stop here but prepared me for the time when I must pass through the portal from this life to the next. And I want to be ready. A lot more ready then I am for this change I’m going through now.

Words to the wise.

Finish what you got.

Don’t try to be what you’re not.

Things are nice but not a lot.

And always remember to laugh a lot.